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Jose, Duck, Donald, Caballeros, Three

gottabefierce in tintinslash

Cutting The Rope (Part 1 A/7-ish)

Title: Cutting the Rope (Part 1 A)
Author: [info]gottabefierce
Pairing: Haddock/Tintin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: All characters and ideas are copywright their original owners, I use them for entertainment purposes only not for profit.
Warnings: Suicidal themes, possible slight OOC-ness, Slash
Summary: Written as the fill for the Tintin Kink_meme for this prompt: Haddock was hanging with Tintin as his support (surely you know this scene). After confessed his undying love and apologized to Tintin, he CUT THE ROPE.Well, yes he fell. It's up to you if he lived (everything is possible! like what Senor Oliviera said XD) or dead, but Tintin had to be in the same condition with the Captain. If Haddock lived, he lived too, and vice versa.
Notes: I would like to apologize for not getting this out sooner. My computer, my baby, got a virus and had to be taken in to the shop. I was without a computer for a week (a very long time for me) and so I was forced to write this chapter out long hand (like the stone age right? XD), and then type it up when I got my computer back. I wish to thank my beta/op seerstella for catching my big mistake in not knowing how to spell 'migou' (had to go back and read the actually comic again to remember) and I hope you guys like it.
Past Chapters: Prologue

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