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Jan. 25th, 2012

Tintin, Captain Haddock


How to Enjoy a Summer's Day (NC-17)

Title: How to Enjoy a Summer's Day/My Little Water Nymph
Author: burntsoap
Pairing: Haddock/Tintin
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sex in a swimming pool, PW a teeny bit of P
Word count: 1,910
Summary: "Haddock liked the swimsuit Tintin was wearing when he went searching for the treasure and how fitting it was on him. So one day, when Tintin is swimming in the indoor pool (it’s big enough to have one somewhere) he joins him and they have sex in the pool" - from the tintin_kinkmeme prompt: http://tintin-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1701.html?thread=42405#cmt42405

Haddock hears a thump thump thump in his ears and it drives him mad until he realizes it’s only his blasted heartbeat. Why does the lad torture me?Collapse )

Jan. 26th, 2012



Haddock/Tintin: Chasing Criminals

Title: Chasing Criminals

Author: ArethaHelena

Genre: AU, Slash, Fluff, etc.

Warning: Slash and Cross-Dressing (and a bit too-polite!Haddock)!

Summary: A certain amateur detective was chasing a certain criminal. In the same time, a certain sea captain was chasing a certain girl in a silk skirt.

Pairing: Tintin/Haddock

Rating: PG-15

Disclaimer: Tintin’s universe © Herge. No copyright intended. Just own several OCs. I also don’t own Killer Queen’s lyrics, which belongs to Queen.

Note: This is for nonick4now (thank you for the fanart of He’s The Boy!) in tintin_kinkmeme. I hope you still like it. I don’t write porn, so I skip the sex scene. Porn is not my style.

Chasing Criminals.

Jan. 9th, 2012

Jose, Duck, Donald, Caballeros, Three


Haddock/Tintin: Cutting the Rope (Prologue/7)

Title: Cutting the Rope (Prologue)
Author: [info]gottabefierce
Pairing: Haddock/Tintin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: All characters and ideas are copyright their original owners, I use them for entertainment purposes only not for profit.
Warnings: Suicidal themes, possible slight OOC-ness, Slash
Summary: Written as the fill for the Tintin Kink_meme for this prompt: Haddock was hanging with Tintin as his support (surely you know this scene). After confessed his undying love and apologized to Tintin, he CUT THE ROPE.
Well, yes he fell. It's up to you if he lived (everything is possible! like what Senor Oliviera said XD) or dead, but Tintin had to be in the same condition with the Captain. If Haddock lived, he lived too, and vice versa.

Notes: Okay so I was the idiot who started writing a story and then stopped to actually rework the story but had already posted it up on the meme making everything really messy...I often get ahead of myself like that for some reason. Anyways I'm coming out and saying that I messed up, but I swear the 11 page outline I wrote really helped the story a lot! The story promises to have a lot of angst although I always thought that Tintin in Tibet was probably the angst-est one of all the books.

Link to the fill on the meme: Here.

It's not the fall that hurts...


Wedding! Tintin/Haddock Style!

Original Title: The Wedding Ceremony! And is that The Blue Lotus?
Authoresses: ArethaHelena ([info]retha_helena) and Seer M. Anno ([info]seerstella)
(Seer wrote almost the story actually.)
Pairing: Haddock/Tintin. TRUE SLASH! Don’t like, don’t read. Side pairing Calculus/Castafiore
Rating: PG-15
Genre: AU, Slash (once again, SLASH! No flames!)
Summary: Wow! The reporter finally settled down with his beloved sea captain! Now is the time to celebrate it!
Disclaimer: Tintin and friends (c) Herge. No copyright intended.
Warning: Cross-dressing, fluff, and the use of an unreal flower? You bet! :D
Note: The name Cristina is taken from Seer old friend’s name. And this is our first Tintin slash. Truly sorry for raping your childhood, so that’s why I put it under Mature Content (on dA). A bit modernized, both of us personally don’t know if speakers, microphones, and shining flowers had already found at Tintin’s era. We can assume that Calculus did.
Seer has written this for anonymous on tintin_kinkmeme. Actually I don’t want to write this, but Seer kept nagging me from this morning, so there, I’m her helper right now. Since she was still busy, I am the one who post this. I wrote the small song, it’s not good but it’s my best. I hope you like it, anon!

Read more...Collapse )

Jan. 6th, 2012



Music Vids for you!

Greetings, fellow Tintin fans! :D

First of all, I think it's wonderful that there's an official community for this, because the subtext in the movie is up the wazoo, seriously. Tintin, Haddock, Sacchrine (sp?) - *nobody* had any concept of personal space. and it was glorious x)

Thought I'd share a couple vids I made; the first is a Tintin and Haddock vid, of course, and the second simply concerns Tintin's general badassery.

Music VIds this-a-way!Collapse )

Jan. 3rd, 2012

Kurt's a blonddde


fic: Haddock/Tintin (R)

Title: Cold at Night
Author: burntsoap
Pairing: Haddock/Tintin
Rating: R
Warning: PWP
Word count: 639
Summary: Tintin’s gotten quite a chill. The captain warms him up.

"...he could smell the musky odor of alcohol and tobacco."Collapse )

Dec. 30th, 2011

OT: Tee hee!


Blue Bistering Barnacles! A Primer to the Tintin/Haddock Ship.

Exactly what it says in the title. Prepare your swashes - they will be buckled!

Dec. 28th, 2011

Doctor, My Doctor


Fics: 'It's Only Natural' & 'Siren' (Crossposting from the Kink Meme)

Title: It's Only Natural
Author: j_gabrielle
Pairing: Haddock/Tintin
Rating: PG-13
Warning: None
Word count: 1009
Notes: The prompt from the OP was for unknowingly falling in love; that Tintin and Haddock are enjoying the domestic bliss without realising that they were like an old married couple until one of them does something that beings out hidden feelings to light.

Title: Siren
Author: j_gabrielle
Pairing: Haddock/Tintin
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sex with a perceived minor?
Word count: 716
Notes: The prompt was sex on a boat with cuddling afterwards.

Another Note: Moddies, I'm just crossposting from the meme. So if this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete this post :)

Dec. 27th, 2011

Jamie Bell


fic: Fall Apart At The Seams

Title: Fall Apart At The Seams
Author: jgabrielle
Pairing: Haddock/Tintin
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: It's hard to determine Tintin's exact age, so if you (in your mind) see him as an underaged kid, you might wanna skip this? According to Herge, and the laws of the time, Tintin is 17 and by law, he is a minor to be indulging in same-sex relations. JSYK.
Word count: 601
Summary: Love for Tintin was something in the background, the hum of life; unimportant. So he shouldn't be affected when he meets a certain Captain, right?
Notes: Moddies, if I'm doing this wrong I apologise in advance. Please don't hesitate to correct me. Also, this fic was not written to fit into any canon, so... yeah? :D

Love is running head first into a brick wall

Dec. 22nd, 2011

OMG WUT Box on head!


Tintin Kink Meme Open!

The Tintin Kink Meme is now completed and open for requests and/or fills! I thought there might be some folks here that are interested in checking it out. ♥

This is obviously a place for adult material (if you don't know what a kink meme is, see: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Kink_Meme), but prompts don't necessarily need to be kink-related and fills can be any rating. Rather, as long as the prompt is somewhat specific, it can be "Snowy eats a sandwich" and that's perfectly fine. This is all an experiment to see if we can't generate more love for our beloved redhead and his other fine friends.

It is a Dreamwidth community; however, it allows anon comments so you don't have to be a member or have your own account to participate. Anyone should be able to request and/or fill. The reason for not using Livejournal is that it's been acting odd lately and there's a lot of talk about changes they're making to the formatting and structure, so it's better safe than sorry, eh?

Hope someone enjoys! ♥ Please come join us!


Many thanks~

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